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Don't spend hours studying grammar books and memorising rules. Learn faster by listening to real native speakers talk about real stories, make jokes, and learn about their culture.

Studies have shown language learners using comprehensible input learn a language much faster and more naturally than drilling grammar and vocabulary.

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Improve faster and have fun listening to podcasts

Comprehensible input helps you learn a laguage and have fun, so why wouldn't you try it?

The main requirement is that you enjoy what you're listening to and thats where ForeignEars comes in. Our mission is to help you find gripping content you'll love, so good you forget its in another language. Right now thats through podcasts.

We also know that you won't understand every word, thats why we have tap-to-translate. Any time you don't understand a word you can translate it into over 10 languages. You can even create a flashcard from it to export to anki with audio, definitions, and even the entire original sentence it came from.

Get addicted to language learning

Remember that feeling when you found a show on netflix that you loved so much you spent all Sunday binge watching it?

Our mission is to find podcasts so good that you won't want to stop listening.

Thats where the language learning magic happens.

We want you to become so obsessed with the content you listen to in your target language that you forget its not your native language, and you just have fun.

Then you'll learn, and come back again whenever you have a spare moment, and finally master the language.


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